Maryann Acker Appeal Is Approved

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A big day coming up. This one is for Maryann, and for all of us who care about her future. Keith Shigetomi, her lawyer in Hawaii, has prevailed on the appellate court to grant oral arguments on August 31. This is rare. Three judges will rule on the fairness of Maryann’s last trial, when she was found guilty of being an accomplice in the murder of Larry Hasker and was subsequently sentenced to 125 years without hope of parole. (The first time around, she was sentenced to thirty years when they found her guilty of first degree murder. She served 27 years of that sentence before the conviction was “vacated.” After being granted full parole in California, she was whisked off to prison in Hawaii to serve out the 125 years. She must feel like a soccer ball, or maybe a tennis ball traveling at 400 mph. Whack!

But there were inconsistencies in the second trial brought by the prosecutors after that first sentence was “vacated.” Since she had served twenty-seven years of her sentence, they might have let the whole thing go, but their professional feelings were bruised and they charged her with murder all over again. Now Keith is trying to overturn the second conviction. Let’s all keep our fingers and toes crossed on August 31 and hope that those three judges in Honolulu do the right thing. Aloha nui loa.

LindaMaryann Acker Appeal Is Approved

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