U.S. Tour, Maryann Acker and a New Novel

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Of course I’ve been remiss. I’m a writer! And I’ve been a busy one for many months past, traveling the US on a book tour and gearing up for work on a new novel. The best news I can offer at the moment is that Maryann Acker, the subject of Who Named the Knife, is out on furlough, living in Honolulu and working at one of the jobs she has always coveted. Yes, she is a barista at a posh hotel in Waikiki. We hope she will soon be working with service dogs, as well. Maryann, who has been in prison for 35 years, is absolutely alive with the world’s possibilities. It is wonderful to hear her reactions to all the things we take for granted. She is the Rip van Winkle of our time.

I’ve left Toronto for two months after an ice storm that shut us right down, even the airport. Fuel lines were frozen in the planes and tarmac workers refused to show up to work in minus 30 degree temperatures. The radio kept blaring: skin freezes in four minutes at this temperature. Scary. So I’m in northern California, which is too dry for the season, making everyone nervous. I usually bring bad weather or rain wherever I go, so we’ll wait and see if I can turn things around. Including my work habits…..

LindaU.S. Tour, Maryann Acker and a New Novel

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